Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Question


I have developed feelings for my same-sex friend and have started to explore the possibility of being lesbian.  I  am just wondering, I understand the non-sexual side of a lesbian relationship and I feel like I would be satisfied spending my life with another woman even if the relationship remained somewhat unsexual.  However, I also feel that when you are in love with someone there is going to be a sexual side to the relationship, so what kind of sex life do lesbians have?  I have seen some things on the internet and it seems to be a little played up for the enjoyment of others and there is obviously no connection between the two women.  I must admit that I have sort of been influenced by the stereotypes that lesbian and gay relationships have somewhat flamboyant sex.


If it turns out that you are a lesbian, and you love the person that you are with AND your relationship includes sex- you can expect extraordinary sex. When you love and trust someone and you have sex with them- sex is usually very good.

Really and truly we are our own enemies when it comes to good or bad sex. Sex is a very personal and sensitive subject which is RIFE with psychological and physiological toxins that can make enjoyment of sex very difficult. Some of us can't enjoy it at all and some of us have a wet blanket which smothers half of our enjoyment potential called insecurity.

You are correct. Pretty much all lesbian porn videos and 90% of lesbian movies do not portray lesbian sex in a natural or accurate light. If you would like to see a movie that is a good portrayal of the passion of lesbian sex- please watch "Desert Hearts", "Loving Annabelle" or any episode of "The L Word". Sex is what we make of it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Also- just because you have sex with a woman- it doesn't make you a lesbian. You seem to know that by what you wrote, but just reinforcing that thought.

Write back if you need more! I wish you great happiness!

Blue Sleighty

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