Monday, May 23, 2011

My Goal

My goal is to support myself working from home. I only need to make $20,000 a year.

I know that it is a small amount, but, Jax and I share expenses, we have very little debt, no car payments, a very low mortgage payment and on top of all that, we share my 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom 2 story home in Houston's MIDTOWN with my daughter and her husband.

We actually SAVE money when I work from home. When the whole household has their meals prepared, their laundry done, and their errands ran for them- everyone saves a ton of money, and are generally healthier and less stressed. Jax has lost 20 pounds since I started working from home because she eats healthier and is happier. I can prepare 2 meals a day for four people for about $50.00 a week. We have a garden, too, so that helps.

Jax works in non-profit teaching financial literacy, ESL and social studies. She is working on her PhD. She works in a community center in one of the biggest ghettos in the U.S. At the center, a person who has had an interruption in their lives for whatever reason - jail, pregnancy, drug addiction, illness or whatever, can get their lives back together with the kindest and most sincere support. At no charge, those enrolled can learn English if they need it, Spanish to an intermediate level, attend adult basic education classes and get a G.E.D. (the test costs $80), learn basic computer skills and up to advanced Microsoft Office 2010 classes. And after that- on to college.

Jax teaches financial literacy in conjunction with government financial institutions and organizations. She has won two Benjy awards. Oprah has won one.

I am so financially literate that Jax actually learns from me.

If you follow me / us (Jax & Me), you can expect a wealth of valuable information. I have pursued and was granted government money to buy my home. I have fought and WON an ADA case without and attorney, and many other wondrous feats. I will be writing articles about how to manage your life and money more efficiently, how to qualify for grants and assistance and much more.

I am an artist/writer/web designer/information manager. I specialize in managing information for construction projects up to major capital (a billion$ +). Part of that job involves systems administration and database administration. I own a lesbian erotica website called My Secret Obsession ( and I am an expert at; I have written, self-published, and self marketed 25 short stories, and 5 books and I have written 100 poems, many of which are used and referenced. Also countless articles.

So, I will also be blogging about self publishing, writing, self marketing as well as all things lesbian.

I hope that you will follow and give us a shot.

At some point, there will be opportunities to donate $1.00. I am hoping we will make it worth it for you to donate $1.00, one time.

Stay in touch!

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