Monday, May 23, 2011

A Mother's Nightmare

A night I will not soon forget. Take HEED, ladies!
One night, my daughter and her friend asked me if I would give them a ride to a local club. They have cars, but, in Houston, Texas on a holiday weekend- driving is a bad idea because they have decided that the whole world is drunk on holidays. They quadruple the police on duty, stop eveyone (because they do not have to have a reason- it's called "implied consent") and take them to jail. They don't care if you have been drinking or not. They can decide you are intoxicated even if you have not ingested ANYTHING (patriot act + implied consent= George W. Bush).
I dropped my CJ and her friend off at about 9:00. We (J and I) went to bed, because we knew we would have to go back and get them sometime around 2.
Phone rings at 2:30 a.m. with the come and get us request.
J and I stumble out to my car, shaking off the cobwebs of slumber, and drive around to the club where my girls are. They said to pick them up where we let them off, so we pull up to the front door.
A crowd was gathering as we pulled up. CJ tells me thet there is something wrong with Crystal. CJ says that they got a drink for "last call" from the bartender and that after Crystal drank it, she began to behave strangely.
Crystal was sitting on the concrete landing of the club's entrance, crying. So- I get out to help her to the car.
She could not get up. Period. She was completely incoherent. Crying. Screaming. I was scared to death that the cops were going to come and take her to jail for public intoxication (and throw her in a tank where she would probably be left to die). She was completely limp. Dead weight. Thank god I lift weights. So- I picked her little limp body up and put her in my car. J was driving.
We get home, and I am thinking we should probably take Crystal to the hospital. But, I wanted to assess her, first. (I have medical experience). Because I know if I take her to the hospital, there will be a lot of trouble. Cops. Upset parents. Huge bill. So- I carried her inside, and put her on the daybed in my living room. And yes, I know I put myself at risk for a lawsuit, and many other bad things. Isn't it a shame that you aren't allowed to care anymore? But- fuck it. I did it anyway.
After two hours of screaming, crying, pissing in her pants, dry heaves, weird circulation (her lips and face were normal color, her hands and nails were fine, but her feet kept turning blue). she began to feel better. We just kept massaging her and made sure she was breathing right. We placed cold compresses on her wrists and on the back of her neck. She never did actually "throw up". Just miserable dry heaves. Soon (two hours) she was OK.
When I was able to have a conversation with her, she said that she had not been talking with any men in particular. CJ and Crystal had not paired up with anyone. CJ is engaged actually, and Crystal is just very selective. They had purchased their own drinks at the end of the night and had not left them unobserved. They go to this particular club to dance. Not find boyfriends or "one-nighters".
So- that tells me it had to have been the bartender. Someone had to have gotten the bartender to slip that girl the dope. I would imagine it was Rohypinol, or something. I have just gotten up, and have not researched, yet.
You ladies be careful. Always. This could have been REALLY bad.

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