Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Eternal Flame

Soulmates are not always just lovers . . .

An Eternal Flame

Long ago in another life
You and I stood side by side
Both so strong with will
Motivated by hunger thirst and desire
Of all that nourish the mind and spirit
And feed the inner fire
Inquisitive with the universe
And all that lay within it

We sought what pleased the mind and spirit
Yet found that what please the mind and spirit
Does not necessarily supplement the soul
I have known you through the centuries

I have spent lifetimes keeping you at bay
Evil forces play well with you
Every word that you say is
So well placed
Just the right color
Tastes so good in the mouth
Satisfying and hearty going down
And feels so damned cozy on the feet

My battle is never won
My shield is always at my side
And the warriors always seem to die
Before this fucking struggle is complete

I have met you on the ocean
I have met you in the wood
I have met you on the river
Yet my defenses are no good
You are the formidable enemy
A challenge I abhor
I am weary of this battle
I wish to fight no more

My Secret Obsession Lesbian Erotica

PLEASE . . . don't go to work today . . .

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Diana Trees: TwitterFic - This should Catch Me Up!

Diana Trees: TwitterFic - This should Catch Me Up!: "I believe that this post catches me up with all of the TwitterFic that I've posted to the Twitter stream. If I've missed one of your favorit..."


I am going to post ALL 25 of my short stories on SMASHWORDS.COM . They will all be available in any ebook format you may need, and they will be priced @ $1.50 .

My Secret Obsession Lesbian Erotica

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Morning Lesbian Kisses. I Miss You Already.

RomantiC LesbiaN KiSs .004

Gay Marriage Sponsor Daniel O'Donnell Engaged To Marry In New York | On Top Magazine :: Gay & Lesbian News, Entertainment, Commentary & Travel

Gay Marriage Sponsor Daniel O'Donnell Engaged To Marry In New York

By On Top Magazine Staff
Published: June 27, 2011

New York Representative Daniel O'Donnell is engaged to be married.
The 50-year-old O'Donnell has on four occasions successfully championed a gay marriage bill in the New York Assembly. Twice the Senate refused to vote on the proposed legislation, in 2009 they rejected it, but on Friday it cleared the chamber and Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law, making New York the largest state yet to legalize gay marriage.

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Q / A at

Hi Blue

I have recently come out as a lesbian at 27 after 11 yrs of denial. Now I have never had an orgasm with women as I have not been with many and I was wondering, if a woman does not orgasm during non penetrative contact is it still sex? I know it sounds silly but I am new to all this and I have no-one to ask. I know penetration is classified as sex but if it's just oral I was kind of confused.
I love your name and your stories!


I hope that you are having an easy time being out and proud. It can be quite an adjustment.

You asked: "if a woman does not orgasm during non penetrative contact is it still sex?"

The answer is: you are still having sex. For example- If you are rubbing pelvises together WITH YOUR JEANS ON - not even touching each other and getting excited and aroused - it's still having sex. And certainly if you are having oral stimulation administered to you, or you are administering- you are having sex whether anyone achieves orgasm or not.

You do not sound silly at all. You are asking intelligent questions. And my answer is - any time you are engaging in intimate activity that is causing sexual stimulation- it is sex.

Thank you for liking my stories! And, write again if you need to!

Love and hugs and xoxox!

GLSEN: Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network: March with GLSEN at Pride to Commemorate a Remarkable Year

GLSEN: Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network: March with GLSEN at Pride to Commemorate a Remarkable Year It's GAY PRIDE WEEKEND, HOUSTON! YEEEEHAAAAA!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Tracks

The Tracks, by Blue Sleighty

Chapter One

Blood streamed from the new hole where Jay had forced the dull, spurred point of what should have been a disposable syringe into the frequently tapped vein in the pit of his elbow. When he pushed the worn and dulled point through the scar tissue that had developed over the years of violation it had endured from his constant need to feed his soul the life sustenance he had grown to worship, he and the nameless random woman who was laying near enough to him when he delivered his dose could actually hear the crackling, ripping sound of the pencil lead sharp needle tearing through the thick calloused fiber of his being. And then, temporarily, all was good.

He could have gotten a new syringe. But, aside from being lazy- he didn’t want to share his drugs. Jay had found that most women would rather not shove a nail up their arm to get high. And- if they didn’t mind doing it- Jay found new company. He didn’t share dope with his female companions unless they bought it in the first place or they had an income. The women he met rarely had much in the way of initiative or life management skills. These were the ones that clamored around Jay, wanting him to love them at any cost. Jay preferred the weak, emotionally disturbed ones.

Jay was a very handsome and talented entertainer. When he was in high school, he wanted to be Elvis. Maureen dyed Jay’s hair ‘midnight blue’. She wanted him to be Elvis, too. He was a very good guitarist, and singer and he worked hard in his teen years, practicing every day with the other boys that he knew who shared similar dreams. He had taken drama courses throughout his academic years and had become a very good actor, speaker, musician, liar, exhibitionist and womanizer even before he graduated from high school.

The Vietnam War era found Jay coerced into joining the Marines. However when the completion of boot camp saw him faced with being shipped overseas to actually see combat, he decided it really was NOT for him. On the day Jay was to be shipped out, his weeping mother kept him company at the airport awaiting his flight out. Jay slipped into the men’s room as he and his mother, Maureen had planned and cut both of his wrists with the government issue knife he wore per regulation on his belt. The cowardly faked suicide attempt earned him a dishonorable discharge and a rather negative psychological evaluation. As his momma’s only son, however, he remained free from duty and was not incarcerated.

His handsome features and sculptured body certainly had their advantages. Jay was able to stay employed without much effort. As his professional career developed and he learned the ropes of the entertainment world through experience- he chose to be second rate. It afforded him the choice of being excellent or not. It was much less pressure that way. No one expected much- and he surely did not intend to at that time and never would- give much. Jay was conceited and arrogant. He had become very muscularly toned and of a pleasing physique in boot camp. He was NEVER at a loss for company- sexually or otherwise. Jay grew far too fond of and secure in his more superficial attributes. For, alas- male or female- physical beauty fades with years.

In late 1960’s America- life was pretty simple for Jay. It was black and white. He had at a very young age simplified his life and his manhood to a manageable list of needs that would cripple him and his development as a human forever. His drug. His music. The company of a beautiful woman. If he had those three things- the rest just fell into place, including oxygen, water, food and lastly- love. Because even though it was the so called “Summer of Love” – Jay loved no one as much as he loved himself. But- he had little choice. He was raised that way.

Jay’s mother loved him as much or more than any mommy could love her boy. Maureen was proud of Jay from the day he emerged slimy, blue and screaming from her womb. Every day he grew more handsome, and with the development of each of Jay’s fine features, mother Maureen fell deeper in love and became more proud of him until soon he was the light of her life and her reason for living.

Jay was not her only child. She had first her daughter, Lenore, and before her daughter, she had a husband that she may have loved once- until Jay came. As Jay grew up- Maureen lost interest in all but him. Her daughter was forgotten along with her husband.

Jay’s father found new love and happiness without much difficulty. Jay’s sister did not fare so well and became one of the names on the long list of casualties in the wake of the evilness of Jay’s existence.

Maureen looked in the mirror. She could see Jay’s reflection beside her. Everything that she loved about herself she identified in Jay physically, and as she manipulated him, even her character began to personify herself within the boy. There were times when Jay was like a puppet, repeating the wisdom, wit and charm that Maureen imparted to him and Jay accepted it like a warm enema- infusing the intruding concoction that was his mother into him like embalming fluid – absorbing her into his tender tissue from within – while anything that was ever really him was thoroughly rinsed away and flushed down the toilet.

Soon no two were ever so alike.  Maureen had no other men in her life. The women in Jay’s life rarely stayed long. The competition was too fierce and as there was little to begin with, there was no love left over.


A Sexy Lesbian Drawing - Girls Drinking

Coming Out … Twice

Coming Out … Twice
To say that senior year of high school was a dramatic year for me would be like saying World of Warcraft is only a little addictive – i.e. a huge understatement (and I have an empty family-sized bag of kettle chips and 36 hours without sleep to back me up on that). You see, that wasn’t only the year I finally came out to my parents about my veganism, it was the year I CAME OUT.

My Secret Obsession Lesbian Erotica

Mid Morning Lesbian Kisses

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Historic church trial takes place in Kaukauna - WTAQ News Talk 97.5FM and 1360AM

Historic church trial takes place in Kaukauna - WTAQ News Talk 97.5FM and 1360AM
For the first time in Wisconsin, an openly gay United Methodist minister will go on trial charged with officiating a marriage ceremony for a lesbian couple.

My Secret Obsession Lesbian Erotica

Short Erotica from Daisy Danger, Uppercut Avenue, bombshells-and-rockstars.....

Erotica World An erotica podcast hosted by Lacy (netfux). Thumbs up!


Short Erotica from Daisy Danger, Uppercut Avenue, bombshells-and-rockstars.....

My Secret Obsession Lesbian Erotica

Vote For The Best In Adult Products

Visit here to vote for the 2011 BEST in sex toys, fetish wear, and more!

Click here to see the nominees, and register to vote!

My Secret Obsession Lesbian Erotica

Morning Lesbian Kisses From Blue to YOU

Humanist charity welcome UN Human Rights resolution -

Humanist charity welcome UN Human Rights resolution - The UK gay Humanist charity the Pink Triangle Trust has warmly welcomed the passing by the UN Human Rights Council of a resolution concerning sexual orientation.

MySecretObsession Lesbian Erotica

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Lesbian Moment From Blue to You

Guard Scolds Lesbian Fans For Kissing - Sports News Story - KTVZ Bend

Guard Scolds Lesbian Fans For Kissing - Sports News Story - KTVZ Bend Two lesbian women are claiming discrimination after a Minnesota Twins security guard scolded them for kissing during a recent game.


Sexy Lesbian Kiss From Blue to You

Squeaky Clean Lesbian Kisses

Tracy Morgan Has Lost His Gay Fan, Joan Rivers Jokes | On Top Magazine :: Gay & Lesbian News, Entertainment, Commentary & Travel

Tracy Morgan Has Lost His Gay Fan, Joan Rivers Jokes On Top Magazine :: Gay & Lesbian News, Entertainment, Commentary & Travel 
Reacting to fellow comedian Tracy Morgan's anti-gay rant and subsequent apology, Joan Rivers joked he's lost his only gay fan.
“Gay fans? What are they doing seeing him anyhow? Why aren't they watching me and Kathy Griffin? What are they doing at his show?” Rivers told The Daily Beast.
She then joked, “He's lost his gay fan.”
In a routine delivered last weekend in Nashville, Morgan, the star of NBC's 30 Rock, condoned anti-gay bullying and said he would stab his son to death if he found out he was gay.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New 'AllExperts' Q/A!

Dear Blue,

I am not sure if I am lesbian, but I have developed very strong feelings for my good friend and I don't know if it is just her that I love, or if I am indeed lesbian.  So, I have sort of tried experimenting a bit.  I have two questions that are sort of unrelated:
I was reading a few of your other posts and I saw that you suggested knowing yourself and finding what feels good to you to help pleasure someone else and so on.  I also saw erotica on your website and began experimenting.  I have done this many times before, I will watch erotica and begin to experiment and only a minute or two in I get this great feeling, my legs shake a bit and I get all tingly and then all of a sudden my clit gets too sensitive to touch and nothing is pleasurable any more.  I can't enjoy more than a minute or two and it becomes a big turn off.  What is happening and do you have any suggestions?
My other question is, while I was watching the erotica, one woman was wearing a strap on dildo.  I will start off by saying I personally find oral sex to be disgusting, no way about, and so I was not turned on by that part of the movie.  I was most turned on by the penetration of the dildo.  Does this make me not lesbian and mean that I would prefer regular sex with a man?

I could get more insight if I knew your age, relationship history, and understood what your experiences with men (if any) have been like.
It would also be helpful to know about your experiences with climax. Because the description of the feeling that you get when you experiment sounds like an orgasm. Perhaps just not a very lengthy or intense one. Have you been able to reach climax throughout your sexual maturity?
1st part of your question:
Most women experience clitoral ultra sensitivity after reaching climax.
It is also possible that your clit becomes ultra sensitive as your arousal increases and your clit becomes engorged and a change of technique could help you.
I suggest that you experience a little more experimental time with yourself. As you watch your stimulus (movie, or pics, or whatever you choose) do not immediately begin to directly touch yourself. When you start to become aroused, touch your breasts first, then caress your abdomen, but be slower to stimulate your clit directly.
Try keeping your panties, or even jeans ON at first, and then kind of 'patting' your clitoris. As you try it- you will see what I mean. After you stimulate your clit in this less direct way, you can increase pressure until you feel that it is time for more direct stimulation and remove the barrier of your clothing. At that point, you might try using a lot of lubrication once you have your fingers in direct contact with your clitoris, and keeping your touch softer and off to the side. Also experiment with a light circular motion at different speeds and different areas on your clit- but always lubricated.
2nd part:
MANY lesbians enjoy strap on sex. I am a BIG fan of it, myself, and I am definitely a lesbian.  For you in particular I can't answer this part of your question very well until I know a little more about you. It is entirely possible that you are not a lesbian. You could possibly be sharing intimacy without being a lesbian at all.
>> Does this make me not lesbian and mean that I would prefer regular sex with a man?<<
Just the fact that you watched a movie and were turned on by lesbian strap on sex does not make you a lesbian.

Pornography has one purpose: to sexually stimulate you. It doesn't matter what niche within the  porn lies- if it is doing it's job- it will arouse you. But- that does not doom you to freakdom, or lesbianism because you would pretty much have to be dead in order to NOT experience sexual excitement when watching ANY type of porn. Even porn of subject matter towards which you do not find yourself normally drawn.
It COULD be that you are gay. But- maybe not. If you know for a fact that you are in love with a woman and want to spend the rest of your life with her- you are very likely a lesbian. Being a lesbian is far more than sex. It is a lifestyle and a 'mindset'. If you are just in it for the sex, and can't picture yourself spending the rest of your life with the woman that you love, you might just be sexually adventurous or maybe bisexual and not really a lesbian.
Only time and experience will tell.
Blue Sleighty

Friday, June 10, 2011

Your Morning Lesbian Kiss From Blue

Newest Q/A From Blue Sleighty at AllExperts

QuestionHi, I am a lesbian female and lately me and my partner has been having great sex but after talking to each other we lack that connection of "making love". We've been together for 8 months now and it has been a journey. We love each other to death & I really wish to make love to her asap so she can feel how I feel & we feel tht great connection. If that makes any sense. What can I possibly do to make love to her. I admit I'm a bit shy but I'm still ready. Help me! I really want us to have passionate sex for a change

There are a million ways to make love. Some of them do not even involve sex.

I have decided to start addressing some of the more frequently
asked questions about love and sex in a series of articles on .

Let’s start with the top and work down, shall we? Brain first. I want to talk about romance and intimacy. The erogenous zone of the gray matter.

For, sex alone can not make a great sex life.

In the estimation of many, romance and intimacy is the best part of being in love. Making love together is a mutual reaffirmation of our love for each other and romance and intimacy in our relationships creates the spark that ignites the flames of passion. Right?

Romance and intimacy should be about love NOT sex.

Not sure about romance and intimacy? Here are some tips to inspire your creative side:

Moments of romance and intimacy are easier during hard times and crisis. Just the act of sticking together during the difficult times builds a life time bond. Also we are more caring, sympathetic and understanding towards each other during a crisis.

Fortunately, life is mostly more simple. Unfortunately- that is when it gets more difficult to remember to make the time and take the time to show your love how you feel about her.

It’s all about making the simple things between you and your girlfriend or committed other good and special. Life is precious and good times should be remembered, celebrated and savored. So- here are some suggestions that can help you make that happen:

Buy a little notebook and remember special facts, days and dates. Like the date of the first time you danced with her and the song that was playing.

The date of days when you and she had a great time, where you went and other details. Send her little notes: “I was just thinking about the time we . . . (whatever you did) . . . let’s do that again sometime!”
**** (Not a sexual encounter!)

Text message her. Bring her little gifts. You do not have to spend a fortune.

Write her a poem, or bring her a nice cutting off of an ivy (Just cut a longer tendril off and place the cut end in a little bottle or jar of water. Put enough of the vine in to make it stay in), pick some fresh basil and make her some pesto, or just tie it up in a ribbon and give it to her.
Incense, candles and essential oils are very nice and inexpensive gestures that are appreciated and remembered.

Pick her some flowers.

Dance. (I have a sound system in my kitchen. Sometimes we get a bottle of wine and take turns building playlists of our favorite songs and dance all night.)

Play games together. Like Scrabble, or cards or dominos. Or video games! (my girlfriend and I get in bed with our laptops and play Scrabble on line).

Kiss her, hug her and hold her for no reason. Slip up behind her at the kitchen sink and put your arms around her and hug her. Tell her that you love her.

Tell her every time you catch yourself appreciating her looks. Like the way her hair shines in the sun, or the way she looks so hot when she pitches a softball, or how great she looks in her new sunshades. When you see it, and think it, try to remember to say it.

Let her vent and don’t try to fix it (or her). If she’s angry- let her 'blow off steam'. If she’s crying- let her cry. Be a good friend. Keep your own mouth shut, listen and nod.

Being creative with surprises makes it fun. Print out a picture of the two of you together and frame it.
Make a night of hanging out and watching movies more special by lighting candles, and putting together a special tray of snacks and make something great to drink or open a bottle of wine (and leave a clean kitchen!). Get everything ready so that no one has to get up much. Cuddle on the couch (or wherever you watch television) under blankets.

Find out what she likes and give it to her. It might be baseball games. Doing laundry. Cooking for her. Watching foreign films with subtitles. Find things that you can both enjoy (even if you have to try a little- I learned to love “True Blood”).

Do projects together.

If you have a high stress job that leaves you feeling less enamored with life at times- have days where you wake up and make a deal with yourself that you are going to be pleasant and in a great mood, no matter what happens.

Can't remember any times that were not sexual times? Maybe it is time to get up and mix a little life with your sex life.

And now for the sex part:

The best way to understand how to make love to a woman is to spend some time getting to know your own body and what feels good to YOU. When you touch yourself, pay attention to how much pressure you are using and the motion you are using to produce the sensations that feel best to you. Explore your entire body- not just your vagina.

Some women have extremely sensitive clits. Some have clits that require intense stimulation. We are all different in that respect. It is a safe guess, when first making love to a woman, that the clit is going to be very sensitive, as this is more often the case.

Assuming that the clit is going to be very sensitive, be very careful about directly stimulating the exposed clitoris (the part under the little hood). Usually too much direct stimulation is too intense, and not pleasurable (too pleasurable?). Attention should be directed to the area from where the base of the clit lies at the top of, and between the labia, to the end of the clit, just before the most sensitive, hooded part, under the fleshy foreskin.

There are women, however, that LIKE the intense stimulation. They will usually let you know.

I have found that women require more than just oral sex. I usually like to make out a lot before I go down on a woman. I love foreplay. Don’t all women? I could kiss for three weeks. I love making love.

Petting. Remember that vaginal penetration is good only with clitoral (or sometimes other) stimulation. The desire to be vaginally penetrated doesn’t PRESENT, without some other form of stimulation, first. Women can be stimulated with things other than tactile contact. Sometimes, a visual image, or a stirred emotion can arouse a woman more than a touch. If she’s already that hot- she will let you know.

The breasts need attention. Nipples are very sensitive, and touching, pinching and sucking, are very exciting. Sometimes, women like to be bitten. But, don’t assume it’s that way for every woman. Go there in degrees. Don’t neglect the nipples when you are going down on her. Remember to reach up, and touch her breasts, or gently pinch her nipples. When we are concentrating on the clit, it's easy to neglect the other parts of her that need your attention.

Encourage her to tell you what she likes. And, LISTEN to her.

When a woman is sexually aroused, she produces lubrication. She gets wet. Most of you know this. Maybe some do not. If she’s not wet- she’s not turned on (unless there is a physiological reason such as menopause that prevents it). Don’t dismay. She must be interested, or she wouldn’t BE there. So, stroke it until she's wet.


No. Not the tip. The tip of your tongue is good for tickling little strokes, and for probing. Not for serious stimulation. Flatten your tongue, and press it firmly against the whole length of her clit’s shaft. The tip of your tongue, of course, pointing down and should be even with the ‘hot spot’. Now, maintaining even pressure flat against the clit, stroke your tongue up and down. A little ‘circular’ stroke can be very good. And make sure you have plenty of lubrication. Saliva works. Or, dip your tongue into the wetness that should now be present between her lips, at her vagina, if she‘s turned on. Use your whole tongue, not just the tip.

Vaginal penetration while administering oral stimulation, is very exciting. You can use your fingers. Or, a dildo, or you can see how deeply you can penetrate her with your tongue, alternating between her vagina, and her clit. Don’t forget her clit while you are penetrating her.

Anal penetration is very stimulating. And, anal and vaginal penetration, performed simultaneously, feels incredible. If you have never penetrated the anus- be sure that your fingers are well lubricated, and that you do it VERY slowly, and listen to her. If she doesn’t like it- stop. And, do not forget the clit. You must continue clitoral stimulation with your tongue, while you manually penetrate her.

Try to maintain constant clitoral stimulation. If you get tired, kiss her (suggestion), and stroke her clit with your fingers while your facial muscles rest. But, whatever you do- do not say that you are tired, because then she'll be afraid she is taking too long to have an orgasm.

Don’t be afraid to bring a lubricant to bed with you. It feels great, and it eliminates the pressure to get wet. Candles, incense, and sexy music are good things to have on hand. And, if you both like a little porn, movies, or stories can add a little stimulation. But, porn is a touchy subject. Be careful. Sex toys, vaginal penetration and strap on sex are very sensitive areas of conversation, too. So is the G-spot. Discussing things that a woman feels negatively about can result in a sudden change of plans. Like, no sex right now, baby. So, some things are better discussed at a less intimate moment. Just a suggestion.

Say only positive things. No complaining, no whining, all good. If you have something sensitive that needs to be addressed, think about how to say it gently, and try to put all things in as positive a light as possible.

If she has fears, and she was brave enough to address them with you- be gentle, and assuage her if you can.

And always remember- presentation is everything.

Please write again if I have not thoroughly answered your question. We haven't covered fisting, role playing / fantasy, bondage, Ds, and a lot more.

Blue Sleighty

Friday, June 3, 2011

Gay rally, parade fills June void left by Pride's move to fall

Austin, Texas: Gay rally, parade fills June void left by Pride's move to fall Austin's Pride Parade and Festival, which has been held on the first Saturday of June since 2002 and also includes a Pride Run, has changed a lot in the past year. The Austin Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce created a foundation specifically to handle the Pride events, which attracts thousands of people — 45,000 people attended the 2008 festival, for example. The new Austin Gay and Lesbian Pride Foundation made two major changes: The group moved the parade from the first Saturday in June to Sept. 10, and it announced that the culminating festival — held at the Long Center for the Performing Arts last year — will move to a more intimate venue away from downtown, Fiesta Gardens.

Billboard Urges GOPer Roy McDonald To Support Gay Marriage | On Top Magazine :: Gay & Lesbian News, Entertainment, Commentary & Travel

Billboard Urges GOPer Roy McDonald To Support Gay Marriage

McDonald, who voted against a gay marriage bill in 2009 as an assemblyman, now says he's on the fence. He's among the five Republicans who say they're rethinking their stance.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Global Panel Recommends Decriminalizing Marijuana

Global Panel Recommends Decriminalizing Marijuana 
(NewsCore) - A group of prominent former world leaders said Wednesday the so-called war on drugs has "failed" and that decriminalizing marijuana may help curb drug-related violence and social ills.
"The global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world," the members of the Global Commission on Drug Policy say in a report.