Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Eternal Flame

Soulmates are not always just lovers . . .

An Eternal Flame

Long ago in another life
You and I stood side by side
Both so strong with will
Motivated by hunger thirst and desire
Of all that nourish the mind and spirit
And feed the inner fire
Inquisitive with the universe
And all that lay within it

We sought what pleased the mind and spirit
Yet found that what please the mind and spirit
Does not necessarily supplement the soul
I have known you through the centuries

I have spent lifetimes keeping you at bay
Evil forces play well with you
Every word that you say is
So well placed
Just the right color
Tastes so good in the mouth
Satisfying and hearty going down
And feels so damned cozy on the feet

My battle is never won
My shield is always at my side
And the warriors always seem to die
Before this fucking struggle is complete

I have met you on the ocean
I have met you in the wood
I have met you on the river
Yet my defenses are no good
You are the formidable enemy
A challenge I abhor
I am weary of this battle
I wish to fight no more

My Secret Obsession Lesbian Erotica

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