Monday, February 7, 2011

Welcome to My New Blog

Hello! I am Blue Sleighty, creator of My Secret Obsession, highly rated lesbian erotica expert for over 3 years, author of 2 collections of short stories and 3 novellas and partnered in many collaborative efforts as editing and creative support and co-author for such writers as Jaguilera (Teeth Bite: The Mesteno Vein and many short stories), Sage Sweetwater, author and screen writer and CEO of BlueSage Productions (Dominga Rio of Cuero, Night of the Foal, From the Convent to the Rawhide: The Saga of Sadie Cade and Vi Montana and many others), and the Mysterious Jade, author of Secretly Bound and creatively partnered with Jamie Nova singer / musician / songwriter / artist (Witchburn and others) and Xaviera Hollander (author of 'The Happy Hooker' and producer of many important books, videos and live events).

I will be posting entries discussing many things, and I invite questions on any topic. I will be happy to give advice, as well as discuss.

It is also OK to have private correspondence if necessary. Feel free to send private messages.