Monday, May 23, 2011

Advances In Sex - Take a Look

Take a look at RealTouch.

For those of you not familiar with the interactive virtual sex toy, RealTouch, please visit their website: for gay men. for straight men.

At this point, the 'system' is only available for gay and straight men. RealTouch involves a "unit" that simulates the vagina, the mouth, or the anus. The sex toy part of the system is so advanced that it is warmed, has a warmed recycling lubrication reservoir, and internal make up that very accurately reproduces the feel of vaginal, oral and anal sex. Not only THAT, but you will be enjoying videos of your favorite porn stars that actually interact with the function of the sex toy, simulating an actual sexual encounter. It is already mind blowing- but WAIT! There's MORE!

Also in the plan are interactive SEXUAL social networks and / or communities. You will be able to have virtual sex with anyone that strikes your fancy!

There will be a model for women I was assured by my sales executive at AEBN. It is on the drawing board, but not yet available and there is not a projected roll out date just yet. The model for women will have a dildo involved.

I am very excited about this step in sexuality. I am waiting in anticipation for the roll out of the woman's model!


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