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The First Part of This Unusual Story . . .

Shifting Sands
Lives in an age of sexual transitions.
By Clara.

This is an erotic and true tale of two individuals, Ingrid and Jaron, who were born into a crumbling age where sexual norms and relationships were fixed like islands of granite. In that fading age the older generation grew up with heterosexual expectations and accompanying prejudices, something the next generation saw slipping away. What would it be like growing up in such a time of sexual transition?

Before their teens, both Ingrid and Jaron lived in heterosexual cocoons but by then the world around them had changed, it had become one where the simplistic granite islands had long been replaced by the shifting emotional and sexual sands of ever changing and challenging erotic, relationship sandbars.

Their childhood sexual steadfastness would waver at the onset of puberty with every shift of the erotic sandbars they stood on. Their lives shifted from staunch old-age, self perceptions, to sampling the brave new delicacies, crossing boundaries into same gender experiences that crossed paths with their sexually biased foundations. If these shifts were not enough to take their preconceived ideas away, they faced added side effects of this shifting age . . . effects often maddening, painful, and frightening, but in the end these led to deliciously rewarding outcomes which came with the inevitable, yet thrilling tensions of gender role transitions. As often brutal male bulwarks of yesteryear crumble, female sensuality rose and became the power of the new way forward.

Shifting Sands tells the true story of these two people, who like most, begin their adult lives with sexual awakening in their teens before emotions mature. The emotions often ran parallel with their sexual development but were not always involved with their sexuality. At times these elements took on a life of their own, sometimes the feelings and sexuality would meet with devastating consequences. Whereas the sexual behavior often began flippant and just a matter of fun for both Jaron and Ingrid, it later became hostage to feelings which had deep seated roots. The paths they were forced to follow in life were filled with turmoil and learning curves developing a longing for love in a world where love was not what they expected it to be.

Their stories demonstrate that the sexual revolution of the 1960s, which seemed to have lost its wild momentum decades later, had not died at all, instead it had stabilised itself to become a sexual evolution in the 21st century, where old ways warp to mix with new delights and the true heirs of this age-old gender struggle, would finally win. Those new heirs being the ones oppressed in the old age.

Chapter 1
Granite Islands

There are many players in this story but the main focus is on Ingrid and Jaron.
In the old world order of the so-called weaker female sex, it was 'ladies first'. Times have moved on and with the advent of weaker men, to please them, we will just this once say, 'men first.'
So we will begin to tell a bit about Jaron before we touch on Ingrid.
Who then is Jaron?
Most men feel very proud of their 'family jewels', and the thought of a woman damaging these makes many angry, yet some men develop a strange relationship with their privates which over time goes from pride to loathing, as was the case for Jaron.
Early on in his life he discovered his 'jewels' and the pleasure these gave, he thought they were the greatest things going and thought they were good enough to delight others. Yet he never imagined that some women, some wonderful, and some less wonderful would finally bring him to want, even beg, to have these 'jewels' modified by them, yes to their every whim.
Generally, when a boy grows up, he grows up thinking that girls will want him, and why not? He thinks that way because he will be a man, and because of this he has something to offer all women by simply being a man and by virtue of having 'jewels' commonly called 'balls and dick'. Thus, by believing this, he also believes that he will find a wife who will serve him, love him and his sexuality, and that he will make the decisions for them, and that she will be happy to go along with these projected visions.
Jaron was boy, who on the road to becoming a man and believing all these things, would slowly be brought down to the real world- one where women are not so easy and not so meek. He would learn along a difficult path that some men ultimately wish to be walked on, walked over, abused and their very manhood mocked and and even shattered . . . and that he'd be one of them.
Little did this once proud, and self loving male realize, that he would become a self-hater and a woman worshiper.
Little did he know that it would be by the sheer strength of self-determined women that he would undergo a complete shift in his self pride, and his self love of his manhood.
What's more, he would have a gradual shift of his whole male instinct, and all he perceived would make a dramatic shift with it.
It would take a very long time for him to learn that the weaker sex was not weak. It was tender, it was soft, it was alluring, it was beautiful, but under all that magnetic power of women lurked a persistence, a sense of self knowing that women are simply the better strategists between the sexes. When this is awakened in them, they become more than merely a sex objectified woman to drool over, not just being a female for male whims, they become something to be reckoned with. When this happens, a woman is much stronger than a man, a sea of change takes place deep within her and this brings about, as a natural consequence, a complete change in men.
It was once said: “Wooden ships-Iron men . . . Iron ships-Wooden men.”
This speaks of a strength-shift from wooden-ship sailors to steel-ship sailors and this can also be said of men in a man's world to men in a woman’s world. Men in the old sexual world order were the boss but that order was on the way out when Jaron and Ingrid were growing up. When a woman is weak, the male is strong and dominant . . . and walks over her but when the woman awakens, she becomes strong and the man becomes weak and even submissive . . . yes, even begging for 'it'. Begging to be humiliated and mocked, especially his 'jewels'. That's when the male desperately wants women to even hurt his jewels, possibly as a form of primordial punishment, when he reaches that level in his sexuality.
Could this ever happen to Jaron? Surely not . . . Yet the women in his life who he tried to rule and love gave him more than he bargained for and his granite island would crumble to shifting sands.

So what then of Ingrid?
Hers is a story of a girl-to-woman event that slowly brought her to the real world where men were not strong, wise, heroes at all. Her view of the world was very limited at first and one that would be challenged very early on in her teens. Before she even got to know anything at all about men, she would begin to learn that women were stronger and more interesting than she was led to believe within the traditional background she was brought up with.
It was said in the past that when most girls grow up, they imagined being swept away by some handsome man, and that girls had romantic ideas of being under a benevolent dictator husband. Well, at least for one girl, Ingrid, she was certainly brought up to be meek and mild, never knowing much about men but believing that stereotypical illusion.
The only man she knew as a girl was her strict father who would force her to listen to his 'laying down the law' and if she refused to listen, she would be given a hiding. This shaped her impression of men but did not help to dampen her illusion of the male hero stereotype in her mind and dreams. Any other form of relationship and sexual experience was far from her mind and sense of truth. Anything other than the heterosexual norm did not exist in her mind. Yet not only would she know all about men and their short comings, she would also end up knowing some things about women and their sexuality.
In time she would find herself longing for the delights that only a woman knows how to give, delights men can not give simply because of a very physically limiting factor, they are men.
She would learn that a woman was able to be and do more than she thought was possible. As for the men in her life, some would be disastrous and one she would bring into submission, getting him to love it and even begging her to do whatever she wants to do to him, no matter how extreme.
She would never have dreamed that she'd love women and rule a man whose jewels she longed to cut away, his very pride and joy, even telling him it's for the best . . .and that he would not only agree, but consent! Her fixed like granite ideas were challenged time and again.
It is a mixed bag of experiences that shape human relationships, it is not always so 'cut and dry'.
The experiences are often painful and thrilling, pleasurable and sometimes empty. For Ingrid and Jaron these experiences began in early teens.
Ingrid never had reason to expect that a girl friend at school would play a major roll in her emotional and sexual development. She could never have known that someday, years later- she would be like a goddess to someone.
Little could Jaron have known that his hopes of his first, truly, sexual experience would not be met with a girl as he had hoped. Little could he have known that his dreams of being the 'big-man' in the household would end up with him becoming an 'incidental-thing' about the place, to be used only when needed.

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