Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Houston Landmark In The Gay Community - Gone But Never Forgotten.

I will never forget Mary's (Houston, Texas). It was legendary. Mary's was the first gay bar I ever dared to enter! This is the mural on the side of the soon to be demolished building.

by Richard Connelly:
Mary's, the bar that many people think of as the gay bar in Houston history, is no more, a victim of unpaid rent.

But there's a scramble going on to try to keep as much of the place as possible, as a way to preserve a cornerstone of Houston's gay past.
A Facebook page has been set up to encourage ways to get artifacts from the 40-year-old place."The old sign with Ronald Reagan smoking that hung in the bathroom?" writes one commenter. "The old 'Mary's' sign that hung outside the building on the patio? What about any of the artifacts stored in the back building? Or some of the items from the back patio, like the motorcycle and statue?"
Tim Brookover, an activist in the gay community, is urging the GLBT Community Center board to get active in saving whatever can be saved.
"Mary's contains a number of objects and artifacts that are significant to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender heritage," he says. "Our ad hoc Mary's heritage group, spearheaded by the GLBT Community Center, is seeking to get access to Mary's and, we hope, permission to remove at least some of the items. At the very least, we hope to document what is left with photography."

If those walls could speak....

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  1. Definitely will be missed. Many a rite of passage was achieved at Mary's, Naturally.