Friday, September 30, 2011

Let's Take a Look at Noteworthy Lesbians

It’s a straight man’s world for the most part and straight men only like women that fit their ideal, whether they be straight or lesbian. It takes a long time to get past that wall. Men initially feel that if there is no possibility of sex with a woman then there is no point for further conversation. It takes a very powerful woman or an interesting and non offensive gay man to get their attention.

Although there have been gay men on television for a much longer time than we have had lesbian television characters- were any of these characters taken seriously? I think they were treated like a dirty joke. Actually- I think they are still treated like they are ridiculous, dirty jokes. Something that straight men can use to measure their masculinity by.  And lesbians that were not on a porn video titillating the sexual fantasies of mainstream male society have largely been considered to be bitches, women’s libbers, ugly or in some way physically defective women who could never get a man and had to settle for women.

Most women who refuse to be objectified are met with irritation from men and from objectified women and are ultimately rejected. It rocks the boat. It’s a long hard road to acceptance.

How many out and proud male talk show hosts do we have? Not many. Only one comes to mind. Anderson Cooper. Cooper, a Vanderbilt, comes from a family of influence and  historic notoriety. Anderson Cooper graduated from Yale and has led a wonderfully fascinating life and has had an enviable career. Anderson Cooper appeals to a very broad audience and certainly has the credentials to win the respect of most. We have some gay radio talk show hosts. But Anderson Cooper is the only gay television talk show host in the United States that can compete on any level with Rosie O’Donnell and Ellen DeGeneres.

There are hundreds of lesbians alive and well in the world today that certainly are noteworthy and inspirational and of role model material. Why are they invisible?

Because, previously, no one has created any interest.

Thanks largely to Ellen DeGeneres and Rosie O’Donnell lesbians are becoming more visible and more acceptable. As these women allow the world to see that they are strong women with a lot to offer and that their lives are pretty normal except for ‘that one little thing’, the general population is now learning that there is more to a lesbian than her sexual orientation.

Visibility takes marketing and marketing takes hard work, time and money.

Why is it that Rosie O’Donnell is very visible while other lesbians remain invisible? She is MARKETED to you. Of course- if she were a bad product it wouldn’t make much difference- but Rosie is a quality human. Rosie has many things going for her. She is a genuinely talented woman who has worked very hard. She is smart. She gives her all. She gives big to philanthropic causes. She has great connections (which she EARNED). She is able to be confrontational about controversial issues and still come across as nice. Women- both lesbian and straight- are behind her. She is a mom. She says things that many women think but would never actually say and does things that women wish they could do (like taking her children to work and allowing her employees to do the same). Because Rosie has women behind her she does not have to look like a super model. Women are happy with her best. And she definitely gives us her best. Rosie is a wonderful role model. And- she has Oprah!

Ellen DeGeneres who is also extremely talented and massively appealing in her own right has also been touched by the finger of Oprah, which if one is blessed with it- can’t be denied as a contributing factor to anyone’s success. DeGeneres, too, is worthy. She is talented, intelligent, hard working, and marketed to you in big doses. The world loves Ellen and even accepts her occasional negative publicity with a grain of salt. Another very good role model who is a lesbian.

Would our top two lesbians be as widely adored if Oprah would not have given them her seal of approval? Hard to say. But I doubt it. I think Oprah has done plenty for the acceptance of gay people and we should not forget to thank her. Thanks, Oprah!

While the world is now sitting poised for wide acceptance of lesbians and will not only tolerate but welcome and enjoy the talents of many noteworthy lesbians, and possibly celebrate them as role models and great talents and / or influential people, it is up to the individual to market themselves. Remind us that you are out there!

We do not have to look for Rosie O’Donnell or Ellen DeGeneres. They are in front of our faces every day. And we love them! We love Wanda Sykes, Jodie Foster, Queen Latifa, Melissa Etheridge, Meredith Baxter, Sara Gilbert and the few others that are in the news and always marketed to us.

Now is definitely the time for homosexual people to show the world what they can do. Because for the first time- we are being judged differently. Most people will look at our work first and our sexual orientation as an added note of interest instead of a reason to shut us out in disgust.

This is an important time in history. For the first time we will have widely loved and accepted out and proud gay and lesbian role models. Our children now have gay men and lesbians that they can look up to and be proud of.

A List of LIVING Lesbians of note: 
Lillian Faderman b. 1940 American Writer, educator  
Paula Aboud 1950 !b. 1950 American Politician, activist
Roberta Achtenberg 1950 !b. 1950 American Politician  
Margie Adam 1947 !b. 1947 American Women's Music performer
Stephanie Adams 1970 !b. 1970 American Model, author  
Tracey Adams 1959 !b. 1959 American Porn performer  
Allison Adler 1967 !b. 1967 American Television writer, producer  
Dawn Airey 1960 !b. 1960 English Television executive  
Chantal Akerman 1950 !b. 1950 Belgian Filmmaker  
Sandra Alland 1973 !b. 1973 Canadian Writer, artist, activist  
Paula Gunn Allen 1939 !b. 1939 American Writer  
Dorothy Allison 1949 !b. 1949 American Writer  
Jane Anderson 1954 !1954 American Actor, playwright, director  
Sophie Anderton 1977 !b. 1977 English Model
Alyson Annan 1973 !b. 1973 Australian Field hockey gold medalist
Laura Antoniou 1963 !b. 1963 American Author  
Bettina Aptheker 1944 !b. 1944 American Activist, academic  
Jillian Armenante 1968 !b. 1968 American Actor, writer  
Alice Arnold 1972 !b. 1972 British Newsreader
Pat Arrowsmith 1930 !b. 1930 English Writer, peace activist  
Karen Atala 1964 !b. 1964 Chilean Lawyer, fighting for custody of her children  
Toni Atkins 1962 !b. 1962 American Politician  
Ti-Grace Atkinson 1938 !b. 1938 American Feminist author  
Efva Attling 1952 !b. 1952 Swedish Jewelry designer  
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes 1984 !b. 1984 American Writer
Jamie Babbit b. 1970 American Film and television director  
Ruth Badger b. 1978 English Reality show contestant, television presenter, business consultant  
Clare Balding b. 1971 English BBC sports journalist  
Tammy Baldwin b. 1962 American Member of the United States House of Representatives (D – Wisconsin)
Amy Balliett b. 1982 American LGBT rights activist  
Ann Bancroft b. 1955 American First woman to reach the North Pole  
Kaushalya Bannerji b. ? Canadian Poet  
Ann Bannon b. 1932 American Author  
Patricia Barber b. 1956 American Jazz musician  
Hazel Barnes b. 1915 American Philosopher  
Amanda Barrett b. ? American Pop musician  
Deborah Batts b. 1947 American Federal District Judge
Meredith Baxter b. 1947 American Actress
Amanda Bearse b. 1958 American Actor, director  
Alison Bechdel 1960 American Cartoonist  
Martha Beck 1962 American Sociologist and life coach  
Eve Beglarian b. 1958 American Contemporary classical music performer-composer
Linda Bellos b. 1950 English Black and LGBT activist, former London politician
Birgitt Bender b. 1956 German Politician
Jill Bennett b. 1975 American Actor
Sarah Bettens b. 1972 Belgian Rock musician  
Elizabeth Birch b. 1956 American LGBT rights activist, attorney  
Joan E. Biren b. 1944 American Photographer, documentarian
Marie-Claire Blais b. 1939 Canadian Author, playwright
Amy Bloom b. 1953 American Writer
Cris Bonacci b. 1966 Australian Rock musician, producer
Nina Bouraoui b. 1967 French Author
Dionne Brand 1953 Canadian Writer  
Allison Brewer b. ? Canadian Politician  
Alicia Bridges b. 1953 American Pop musician  
Joanna Briscoe b. ? English Author
Nicole Brossard b. 1943 Canadian Writer  
Katherine Brooks b. 1976 American Movie director
Nicole Brossard b. 1943 Canadian Writer  
Rita Mae Brown b. 1944 American Author, activist  
Tammy Bruce b. 1962 American Author
Rachel Kramer Bussel b. 1976 American Author, columnist
Judith Butler b. 1956 American Philosopher  
Anne Cameron b. 1938 Canadian Novelist, poet
Rhona Cameron b. 1965 Scottish Comedian
Margarethe Cammermeyer b. 1942 American LGBT rights activist, soldier  
Dani Campbell b. 1982 American runner up on reality TV show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila
Brandi Carlile b. 1981 American Rock musician
Rachel Carns b. 1969 American Musician, artist, performer
Kelli Carpenter O'Donnell b. 1967 American Business executive, life-partner of entertainer Rosie O'Donnell
Maggie Cassella b. ? American Comedian
Megan Cavanagh b. 1960 American Actor
Ilene Chaiken b. ? American Writer and television producer  
Mary Cheney b. 1969 American Daughter of U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney  
Lisa Cholodenko b. 1964 American Film director and screenwriter
Jennifer Chrisler b. American Gay rights activist  
Annabelle Chvostek b. 1973 Canadian Singer/songwriter
Michele Clarke b. 1961 Trinidadian Writer, filmmaker
Beth Clayton b. ? American Opera singer
Miss Cleo b. 1962 American Psychic  
Kate Clinton b. ? American Comedian
Tabatha Coffey b. 1969 Australian TV personality, Hair stylist
Lisa Coleman b. 1960 American Musician and film/tv composer
Maureen Colquhoun b. 1928 English Politician  
Natalie Cook b. 1975 Australian Olympic volleyball player
Cat Cora b. 1968 American Chef L
Cheryl Crane b. 1943 American Lana Turner's daughter, killer of Turner's abusive boyfriend
Bonnie Curtis b. 1966 American Film producer
Catie Curtis b. 1965 American Folk rock musician
Ami Cusack b. 1973 American Model
Nina Cutler b.? American Writer
Eva Dahlgren b. 1960 Swedish Pop musician
Mary Daly b. 1928 American Feminist philosopher and theologian
Sarah Daniels b. 1957 English Playwright
Libby Davies b. 1953 Canadian Member of Parliament
Angela Davis b. 1944 American Activist
Madeline Davis b. 1940 American Activist
Vaginal Davis b. 1969 American Artist
Ellen DeGeneres b. 1958 American Comedian, actor, talk show host
Lea DeLaria b. 1958 American Comedian, actor, jazz musician
Rosemary Dempsey b. ? American Lawyer, activist
Shawna Dempsey b. ? Canadian Performance artists, writers
Dena DeRose b. 1966 American Jazz musician
Portia de Rossi b. 1973 Australian Actress, wife of Ellen DeGeneres
Abby DeWald b. ? American Musician
Beth Ditto b. 1981 American Rock musician
Alix Dobkin b. 1940 American Women's music performer-composer
Jess Dobkin b. 1970 Canadian Performance artist
Ann Donahue b. ? American Television writer
Emma Donoghue b. 1969 Irish Writer
Savannah Dooley b. 1985 American Screenwriter
Michelle Douglas b. 1963 Canadian Former soldier, LGBT rights activist
Cheryl Dunye b. 1966 American Film director
Imke Duplitzer b. 1975 German Olympic fencer
Elana Dykewomon b. 1949 American Activist, writer
Angela Eagle b. 1961 English Member of Parliament
Danielle Egnew b. 1969 American Musician, actor, clairvoyant
Michelle Ehlen b. 1978 American Actor
Pegah Emambakhsh b. ? Iranian LGBT rights activist
Melissa Etheridge b. 1961 American Rock musician
Lillian Faderman b. 1940 American Writer, educator
Jane Farrow b. ? Canadian Writer, broadcaster
Brigitte Fassbaender b. 1939 German Opera singer
Dominique Fernandez b. 1929 French Writer, academic  
Fannie Flagg b. 1944 American Author, actor
Rosanna Flamer-Caldera b. ? Sri Lankan Activist  
Maile Flanagan b. 1965 American Actor  
Ulrike Folkerts b. 1961 German Actor  
Katie Ford  American/Canadian Film and television writer
Jodie Foster b. 1958 Actress / Director
Maria Irene Fornes b. 1930 Cuban-American Playwright
Samantha Fox b. 1966 English British model, pop musician
Margo Frasier b. ? American First openly lesbian sheriff elected to office
Marcia Freedman b. 1938 Israeli-American Activist
Anya Gallaccio b. 1963 Scottish Artist
Mary Gauthier b. 1962 American Singer-songwriter
Megan Rose Gedris b. 1986 American Comic artist, writer
Louise Boije af Gennäs b. 1961 Swedish Writer, feminist, author
Gina Genovese b. 1959 American Politician
Sara Gilbert b. 1975 American Actor
Candace Gingrich b. 1966 American LGBT rights activist
Missy Giove b. 1972 American Professional mountain biker
Judy Gold b. 1962 American Comedian
Jackie Goldberg b. 1937 American Politician
Julie Goldman b. ? American Comedian
Andrea Goldsmith b. 1950 Australian Writer
Gabriella Goliger b. ? Canadian Writer
Jewelle Gomez b. 1948 American Writer, cultural worker
Debbie Googe b. 1962 English Rock musician (My Bloody Valentine)
Lesley Gore b. 1946 American Pop musician
Gwendolyn Graham b. 1963 American Serial killer
Jessica Graham b. ? American Actor
Judy Grahn b. 1940 American Poet
Toni Graphia b. ? American Television writer, producer
Nicola Griffith b. 1960 British Writer
Carol Guess b. 1968 American Writer
Marilyn Hacker b. 1942 American Poet
Leisha Hailey b. 1971 American Actor, rock musician
Anja Hajduk b. 1963 German Politician
Siri Hall Arnøy b. 1978 Norwegian Politician
Maggi Hambling b. 1945 English Artist
Barbara Hammer b. 1939 American Experimental filmmaker
Gro Hammerseng b. 1980 Norwegian Professional handball player
Ellen Hart b. 1949 American Author
Amber Heard b. 1986 American Actor  
Alexandra Hedison b. 1969 American Actor
Bettina Herlitzius b. 1960 German Politician
Carter Heyward b. 1945 American Clergy
René Hicks b. ? American Comedian  
Jennifer Higdon b. 1962 American Contemporary classical composer and musician
Kate Hogan b. 1957 American Politician
Erika Holst b. 1979 Swedish Ice hockey player
Tanya Huff b. 1957 Canadian Writer
Janis Ian b. 1951 American Folk musician
Amanda Ireton b. 1979 American Comedian
Sharon Isbin b. 1956 American Classical musician
Jaguilera b. 1966 Puerto Rican American Writer / Poet / Educator
Jill Jackson b. 1980 Scottish Singer-songwriter  
Cheryl Jacques b. 1962 United States Politician, LGBT rights activist
Margot James b. 1958 English Politician, entrepreneur
Karla Jay b. 1947 American Professor, LGBT rights activist
Lorri Jean b. ? American LGBT rights activist
Geri Jewell b. 1956 American Actor and Comedian 
Patria Jimenez b. 1957 Mexican Politician, first openly lesbian member of the Congress of Mexico
Sonia Johnson b. 1936 American Feminist activist and writer
Cherry Jones b. 1956 American Actor
Rosie Jones b. 1959 American Golfer
Sabine Jünger b. 1973 German Politician
Jolie Justus b. 1971 American Politician
Pamela S. Karlan b. 1959 American Professor of Law
Christine Kaufmann b. 1951 American Politician
Jackie Kay b. 1961 Scottish Writer
Christine Kehoe b. 1950 American Politician
Linda Ketner b. 1950 American Politician  
Maya Keyes b. 1985 American Political activist
Caitlín R. Kiernan b. 1964 American Author
Kaki King b. 1979 American Rock and jazz musician
Ilana Kloss b. 1956 South African Tennis player
Davina Kotulski b. ? American Psychologist, writer, activist
Lisa Kron b.1961 American Playwright
Maren Kroymann b.1949 German actress and singer
Sheila Kuehl b. 1941 American Politician  
Elvira Kurt b. ? Canadian Comedian  
Ellen Kushner b. ? American Author
Lady Sovereign b. 1985 British Rapper
Carole LaFavor b. ? American Novelist, AIDS activist
Kay Lahusen b. 1930 American Photojournalist  
Amy Lamé b. 1971 British Comedian, radio and TV presenter
Nomy Lamm b. ? American Musician, activist  
k.d. Lang b. 1961 Canadian Pop musician  
Ruby Rose Langenheim b. 1986 Australian MTV VJ
Lauren Lappin b. 1984 American Olympic medalist
Patty Larkin b. 1951 American Singer-songwriter
Lynn Lavner b. ? American Comedian
Chris Lea b. ? Canadian Politician
Sky Lee b. 1952 Canadian Writer, artist
Nicole LeFavour b. 1964 American Politician
Annie Leibovitz b. 1949 American Photographer
Zoe Leonard b. 1961 American Photographer and visual artist
Ariel Levy b. 1974 American Writer  
Zoë Lewis b. ? British-born American Folk musician
Ali Liebegott b. ? American Writer
Ylva Lindberg b. 1976 Swedish Olympic ice hockey player
Annea Lockwood b. 1939 New Zealand Contemporary classical composer
Margarita Lopez b. ca. 1965 Puerto Rican-American Politician and activist
Cindi Love b. ? American Christian minister, activist
Jane Lynch b. 1960 American Actor
Ann-Marie MacDonald 1958 !b. 1958 Canadian Playwright, novelist, journalist
Rachel Maddow 1973 !b. 1973 American Radio host  
Leslie Mah 0 !b. ?[5] American Punk rock musician
Agnès Maltais 1956 !b. 1956 Canadian Politician
Mabel Maney 1958 !b. 1958 American Writer
Irshad Manji 1968 !b. 1968 Canadian Feminist Muslim author
Miriam Margolyes 1941 !b. 1941 English Actor
Angela Mason 1944 !b. 1944 English LGBT rights activist
Heather Matarazzo 1982 !b. 1982 American Actor
Amélie Mauresmo 1979 !b. 1979 French Tennis player
Nell McCafferty 1944 !b. 1944 Irish Journalist, playwright
Julie McCrossin 1954 !b. 1954 Australian Journalist, comedian
Val McDermid 1955 !b. 1955 Scottish Writer
Kelly McGillis b. 1957 USA Actor
Jenn McGinn b. ? Canadian politician
Maggie McIntosh 1947 !b. 1947 American Politician, first openly gay person in the Maryland General Assembly
Molly McKay 0 !b. ?[5] American Attorney, LGBT rights activist
Erin McKeown 1977 !b. 1977 American Pop musician
Kate McKinnon 1983 !b. 1983 American Comedian
Samantha McLeod 0 !b. ?[5] Canadian Actor
Claire McNab 0 !b. ?[5] Australian Writer
Marijane Meaker 1927 !b. 1927 American Writer
Julie Mehretu 1970 !b. 1970 American Artist
Deb Mell 0 !b. ?[5] American Politician
Wendy Melvoin 1964 !b. 1964 American Musician and TV/film composer
Charlotte Mendelson 1972 !b. 1972 English Writer
Rosie Mendez 0 !b. ?[5] Puerto Rican Politician
Tammy Lynn Michaels 1974 !b. 1974 American Actor
Carole Migden 0 !b. ?[5] American Politician
Jennifer Miller 1961 !b. 1961 American Circus entertainer, educator  
Gabriela Mistral 1957 !b.1889 Chilean Poet, educator, diplomat, Nobel Prize winner
Anika Moa 1980 !b. 1980 New Zealand Pop musician
Amanda Moore 1960 !b. 1960 American Supermodel
Shani Mootoo 1958 !b. 1958 Irish-born Trinidadian-Canadian Author, multimedia artist, painter, video producer
Mirjam Müntefering 1969 !b. 1969 German Writer
Diane Murphy 1964 !b. 1964 American Actor
Martina Navratilova 1956 !b. 1956 Czech Tennis player
Joan Nestle 1940 !b. 1940 American Activist, writer
Lesléa Newman 1955 !b. 1955 American Writer
Sheila Nicholls 1970 !b. 1970 English Musician
Jasika Nicole 0 !b. ?[5] American Actor
Elaine Noble 1944 !b. 1944 American Politician, activist
Anna Nolan 1970 Irish Television presenter
Faith Nolan 1957 !b. 1957 Canadian Singer/songwriter
Siiri Nordin 1980 !b. 1980 Finnish Musician
Peg Norman 1964 !b. 1964 Canadian Filmmaker, politician
Katja Nyberg 1979 !b. 1979 Norwegian Handball player
Diana Nyad 1949 !b. 1949 American Swimmer
Rosie O'Donnell 1962 !b. 1962 American Comedian, talk show host, actor
Elisabeth Ohlson 1961 !b. 1961 Swedish Photographer  
Mary Oliver 1935 !b. 1935 American Poet
Pauline Oliveros 1932 !b. 1932 American Accordionist, composer
Suze Orman 1951 !b. 1951 American Personal finance guru, talk show host, author
Kanako Otsuji 1974 !b. 1974 Japanese Japan's first openly lesbian politician
Jeanette Mott Oxford 1954 !b. 1954 American Missouri's first openly lesbian state legislator
Annise Parker 1956 !b. 1956 American Politician  
Alex Parks 1984 !b. 1984 English Musician, songwriter
Evalyn Parry 0 !b. ?[5] Canadian Musician, actor, playwright
Romaine Patterson 1977 !b. 1977 American Radio personality, LGBT rights activist
Sarah Paulson 1974 !b. 1974 American Actor
Heather Peace 1976 !b. 1976 English Actor, musician
Felicia Pearson 1980 !b. 1980 American Actress
Sue Perkins 1969 !b. 1969 English Actor
Linda Perry 1965 !b. 1965 American Musician
Julie Anne Peters 1952 !b. 1952 American Writer
Phranc 1957 !b. 1957 American Musician
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha 1975 !b. 1975 Canadian Poet, educator
Carole Pope 1950 !b. 1950 Canadian Musician
Mary Portas 1962 !b. 1962 English Fashion designer
Sue-Ann Post 0 !b. ?[5] Australian Comedienne, writer
Miranda Prather 0 !b. ?[5] American Student, hoax perpetrator
Louise Pratt 1972 !b. 1972 Australian Politician
Minnie Bruce Pratt 1946 !b. 1946 American Writer, poet
Animal Prufrock 1975 !b. 1975 American Rock musician
Qiao Qiao 1979 !b. 1979 Chinese Musician L
Sara Quin 1980 !b. 1980 Canadian Musician (Tegan and Sara)
Tegan Quin 1980 !b. 1980 Canadian Musician (Tegan and Sara)
Christine C. Quinn 1966 !b. 1966 American Politician
Patricia Racette 1965 !b. 1965 American Opera singer
Radclyffe 1950 !b. 1950 American Writer
Vicki Randle 1954 !b. 1954 American Pop/jazz musician
Jessica Rankin 1971 !b. 1971 Australian Artist
Arlene Raven 1944–2006 American Art historian, writer
Amy Ray 1964 !b. 1964 American Rock musician
Lisa Raymond 1973 !b. 1973 American Tennis player
Toshi Reagon 1964 !b. 1964 American Folk-rock musician
Lady Rhea 0 !b. ?[5] American Writer
Adrienne Rich 1929 !b. 1929 American Poet
Angela Robinson 1971 !b. 1971 American Filmmaker
Gerry Rogers 1964 !b. 1964 Canadian Filmmaker
Hilary Rosen 1953 !b. 1953 American Recording industry leader, TV commentator
Grace Ross 1961 !b. 1961 American Politician
Patricia Rozema 1958 !b. 1958 Canadian Film director
Gayle Rubin 1949 !b. 1949 American Cultural anthropologist
Kathy Rudy 0 !b. ?[5] American Ethicist, writer L[125]
Jane Rule 1931 !b. 1931 Canadian Author L[127]
Joanna Russ 1937 !b. 1937 American Writer L[132]
Elizabeth Ruth 1968 !b. 1968 Canadian Writer L[139]
Nancy Ruth 1942 !b. 1942 Canadian Politician L[140]
Kay Ryan 1945 !b. 1945 American 16th Poet Laureate of the United States L[143]
Emily Saliers 1963 !b. 1963 American Rock musician (Indigo Girls) L[21]
JD Samson 1978 !b. 1978 American Performer L[27]
Sue Sanders 1947 !b. 1947 English Activist L[29]
Diane Sands 1947 !b. 1947 American Politician L[32]
Sapphire 1950 !b. 1950 American Writer, performance artist L[35]
Raquel Evita Saraswati 1983 !b. 1983 American LGBT rights activist L[37]
Elizabeth Sarnoff b. ?[5] American Screenwriter L[40]
Kathleen Satchwell b. ?[5] South African Judge L[43]
Sue Schafer 0 !b. ?[5] American Politician L[57] Kate Schellenbach 1966 !b. 1966 American Rock musician (Luscious Jackson) L[59]
Patty Schemel 1967 !b. 1967 American Rock musician (Hole) L[60]
Claudia Schoppmann 1958 !b. 1958 German Historian and writer L[70]
Ariel Schrag 1979 !b. 1979 American Cartoonist L[72]
Sarah Schulman 1958 !b. 1958 American Writer, activist L[75]
Melissa Scott 1960 !b. 1960 American Writer L[86]
Cooper Seay 1965 !b. 1965 American Rock musician, yogi L[7]
Aiza Seguerra 1983 !b. 1983 Filipina Pop musician, actor L[12]
Julia Serano b. ?[5] American Writer, spoken word performer L[16]
Otep Shamaya 1979 !b. 1979 American Rock musician (Otep) L[24]
Maia Sharp b. ?[5] American Singer-songwriter L[32]
Blue Sleighty b. 1966 American writer, poet, artist, advice columnist, educator
Barbara Smith 1946 !b. 1946 American Lesbian feminist, writer
Cheryl Spector b. ?[5] American LGBT rights activist
Muffin Spencer-Devlin 1954 !b. 1954 American Professional golfer  
Andrea Sperling b. ?[5] American Film producer
Lorrie Sprecher 1960 !b. 1960 American Writer, rock musician
Marsha Stevens 1952 !b. 1952 American Contemporary Christian musician
Kim Stolz 1983 !b. 1983 American Model
Maryan Street 1955 !b. 1955 New Zealander Politician  
Rennae Stubbs 1971 !b. 1971 Australian Tennis player
Kathleen Sullivan 1955 !b. 1955 American Professor of Law
Alicia Svigals 1963 !b. 1963 American Musician
Sage Sweetwater 1958 b. 1958 American Novelist and poet
Sheryl Swoopes 1971 !b. 1971 American Basketball player
Wanda Sykes 1964 !b. 1964 American Stand-up comedian, actress
Michelle Tea 1971 !b. 1971 American Writer, poet
Jennifer Veiga 1962 !b. 1962 American Politician
Carmen Vázquez b. ?[5] Cuban-American Activist, writer
Jennifer Veiga 1962 !b. 1962 American Politician  
Gerda Verburg 1957 !b. 1957 Dutch Politician
Paula Vogel 1951 !b. 1951 American Playwright
Hella von Sinnen 1959 !b. 1959 German Comedian
Jane Wagner 1935 !b. 1935 American Writer, director, producer
Louisa Wall 1972 !b. 1972 New Zealander Politician
Sophie Ward 1964 !b. 1964 British Film and stage actor
Marilyn Waring 1952 !b. 1952 New Zealander Politician, feminist
Sarah Warn 0 !b. ?[5] American Writer, editor
Jackie Warner 1968 !b. 1968 American Personal fitness trainer, TV personality
Patricia Nell Warren 1936 !b. 1936 American Writer
Miriam Van Waters 1887–1974 American Feminist social worker
Sarah Waters 1966 !b. 1966 British Novelist
Giz Watson 1957 !b. 1957 British-Australian Politician
Kathy Webb 1950 !b. 1950 American Politician
Randi Weingarten 1957 !b. 1957 American Labor leader, attorney
Suzanne Westenhoefer 1961 !b. 1961 American Comedian
Jean White 0 !b. ?[5] British Clergy
Annie Whitehead 1955 !b. 1955 British Jazz musician
Sue Wicks 1966 !b. 1966 American WNBA Basketball player
Josephine Wiggs 0 !b. ?[5] American Bass guitarist
Marieke Wijsman 1975 !b. 1975 Dutch Olympic speed skater
Anne Will 1966 !b. 1966 German Television journalist
Cris Williamson 1947 !b. 1947 American Folk-rock musician
Kaia Wilson 0 !b. ?[5] American Punk rock musician
Mary Wings 1949 !b. 1949 American Writer, artist
Jeanette Winterson 1958 !b. 1958 British Author
Sherry Wolf 1965 !b. 1965 American Author
Penny Wong 1968 !b. 1968 Australian Politician
Cathy Wood 1963 !b. 1963 American Serial killer
Marnie Woodrow 1969 !b. 1969 Canadian Writer
Jacqueline Woodson 1963 !b. 1963 American Writer
Ellen Woodsworth 0 !b. ?[5] Canadian Politician
Chely Wright b. 1970 American Singer-songwriter
Susan Wright 1963 !b. 1963 American Writer, activist
Alice Wu 0 !b. ?[5] American Film director, screenwriter
Kathleen Wynne 0 !b. ?[5] Canadian Politician
Sande Zeig 0 !b. ?[5] American Film director
Helen Zia 1952 !b. 1952 American Writer, journalist, activist

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