Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Don't Blame You For Being Jealous

As a person born and raised in Texas I can completely understand why people are being so hateful. I'd be terribly jealous, too.

At this point in time, we have a goober for a governor. Some of us - particularly we Democrats - would like to duct tape him and throw him in a closet somewhere until his term is over and there is no danger of the nimrod becoming president. I really hate the media for focusing on the insane antics of the T-Party and any political dirty pool that is being sensationalized for the sake of selling news.

Now as we are battling wildfires people are taking the opportunity to be jerks, insult us (or try to- coming from the mouths of uninformed ignorant morons it's really pretty comical), and try to use our situation to hurt us.

What you do not know about Texans will hurt you. Just as easily as anyone else- we can refuse to help. The next time your state is destroyed by a hurricane- do not look our direction. The smiling, festive folks of Texas also might not be so friendly the next time you're in town on business, or your child is dying and needs free care at our medical center, or you are finding yourselves overtaken by a drug war and need help securing your border (don't count on our National Guard anymore!), or someone is lost end you need EquusSearch to come in and find them - don't even ask.

We just want to file our insurance claims. Even if we can't- we'll be fine. We have fellow Texans that we can depend on.

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